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K9-Connection was a 30 minute radio show featuring Tristan Flynn, CPDT-KA, a certifed trainer and co-owner of Jollytails and Maritime Morning Host Scott Simpson. We took calls answering your dog behavior questions and discussing dog behavior topics. K9-Connection aired between May and November of 2013, the podcasts for all the episodes along with topics covered are below.The show aired in Halifax, Saint John and Moncton on the Rogers Radio Network

Click below to listen to previous episodes

Episode 1: Our first episode, Tristan discusses his background, basics of dog food quality and why you shouldn’t use force in dog training. Caller Sara has a question about her cairn terrier that reacts poorly to loud noises. Caller Betty asks how to train your dog to come when called. Tristan recommends everyone check out the book “Don’t shoot the dog” by Karen Pryor.  Caller Andrew asks for a solution to a dog who barks at the door.

Episode 2: We chat leash reactive dogs and how to deal with this issue.  Tristan mentions the “Less Stress, More Success” leash reaction youtube series that will help people understand leash reactive dogs. David has a question about his dog hiding their bones. Richard has a question about his dog getting really excited when friends come over.

Episode 3:We chat dogs parks, rules and good manners when visiting one. Caller Jason has 3 Bernese mountain dogs and one likes to paw for attention! Caller Paul has a pair of dogs that bark at cats in the yard.

Episode 4:Tristan talks about making a frozen Kong treat for your dog. We discuss Dominance in Dog Training and do you need to be seen as an “Alpha”.  Caller Ruth has a problem with a dog scared of thunderstorms.

Episode 5: Scott and Tristan do a quick RUSH concert review! We chat puppies! How to choose your puppy, what to look for in a breeder and getting the right breed for you. Caller Beverly has a yappy sheltie that she would like to be quiet.  Caller Julieanne has a problem with her dog growling at her new baby.

Episode 6: We chat about how to house train your new puppy and how to train them to enjoy toys! We discuss the dangers of over-using your crate. Caller Jennifer has a German Shepherd / Chow mix who bites and paws for attention. Caller Marissa has a rescue beagle who steals socks and paper from the garbage.

Episode 7:Should you change your new dogs name? We discuss some new studies into Shock Collars and should you use these on your dogs? Caller Doreen has a dog aggressive Lab.  Alexander has a Bernese Mountain dog who started chewing his back leg. Caller Ron has a question about electric fencing and if it can make a dog aggressive.

Episode 8: Tristan discusses how to prevent resource guarding in puppies both with objects and their food bowl. Caller Gail wants her dog to use the bathroom in a specific spot in their yard and caller Scott has a Cocker Spaniel with Aggression problems.

Episode 9: We chat about Separation Anxiety and how to cure and prevent this difficult problem. Tristan sings some Cat Steevens poorly and our caller has trouble with a nervous Golden Doodle. Guest host Silvia Jay from hosts next weeks show!

Episode 10: Special Guest and Dog Behavior Expert Silvia Jay of hosts this episode of K9-Connection. Silvia and Scott discuss socialization of puppies and field lots of questions. Silvia helps caller Ian with his dog who always wants to be on the couch, an aggressive border collie and a caller who is taking a feral cat into their house!

Episode 11: Tristan discusses Body Signals vs Verbal Commands and which are more important to dogs. How do get your dog to listen to you and improve your signals. One Caller has a problem with a dog not listening and being aggressive with puppies, while another has a problem with her small dog marking in the house.

Episode 12: We continue our discussion on verbal commands, why doesn't you dog listen to you, what should you do if your dog ignores a command? We dispel a couple popular myths around dog training. Caller Danielle has a dog who eats poop and needs help.

Episode 13: Tristan discusses the use of punishment in training - what exactly is it, whats the problems and risks with using punishment? Do you need it to train your dog? One caller asks if she should get a second dog to keep her first one company. Another caller has a dog aggressive Boxer and is looking for tips.

Episode 14: A special "Bark in the Park" episode, Sandra Flemming, Director of Animal Care for the Nova Scotia SPCA joins us to chat about their biggest fundraiser - the Bark in the Park event! Sandra outlines all the struggles facing the SPCA and what you can do to help. She also talks about their new spay/neuter clinic in Halifax.

Episode 15: Should you use food in training? What about trainers who promise to teach your dog to only work for praise? How should we best reward our dogs in order to get the best training? Tristan tackles all these questions and also discusses how to shop for dog food.

Episode 16: Tristan discusses how to train your dog to walk on a loose leash. What factors contribute to a dog that pulls on leash? One caller asks if she should allow her dog to sniff and pee too much on walks, while other caller has a dog that reacts badly on leash at other dogs because he wants to greet them.

Episode 17: Do you use food in training? Want to ensure your dog doesn't only listen because you have food? In this episode Tristan discusses tips for getting the food out of your training and how to use rewards correctly. Callers have lots of questions on stool eating, fleas and dogs trying to get treats out of everyones pockets!

Episode 18: Tristan outlines the 4 steps in training the perfect Recall. Have a dog that doesn't come when called? This episode is for you!

Episode 19: In our speical - Visit with a Vet episode, we welcome Special Guest Dr Emma Slater from We discuss canine athritis - the signs and possible cures for this condition. We also take some calls from people with barking dogs, flakey skin.

Episode 20: Tristan addresses how to deal with a Barking Dog - all the different types and classifications of barking and various solutions.

Episode 21: We start off with a caller who wants to train his own service dog - Tristan advises why this isn't a great idea. We chat about Fear and dogs critical socialization periods. Another caller has a dog who barks very loudly for attention.